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Why call a geek, When you can call a professional?


Why call a geek, When you can call a professional?


We do all types of IT repair. At Myriad Tek the customer comes first and we are always honest and dependable. Don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews on Facebook and Yelp!

Myriad Tek is initiating a customer loyalty program.

If you refer someone to Myriad Tek you will receive a 10 percent discount off your next visit. You will be able to refer up to 5 customers per month resulting in a 50 percent discount (on following visit). This program is only offered to current Myriad customers.

Our back to school program was very popular last year and we have decided to offer it again for the upcoming semester, focusing on college students and their IT needs. This program entails becoming a college students personal IT tech, remoting in and solving problems on a timely basis (faster than a schools IT staff in most cases).

Please give us a call to get more details on these programs .

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Reviews from Yelp:

Myriad Tek
Based on 3 Reviews
2017-07-27 11:48:46
Contacted them about a computer power issue. They found the issue in the motherboard instead of ordering a new power supply. They were able to fix the...
Jenn S.
Jenn S.
2016-10-31 12:11:52
My computer was running really slow and needed a back up. Matt told me up front the cost for him to service, what product to purchase to back up my...
Keith S.
Keith S.
2016-06-28 09:56:27
I took my newly built PC here to be worked on after I couldn't get any output. Matt diagnosed the problem and fixed the issue in less than 24 hours. He...
Facebook API Error: {"ratings":{"data":[{"created_time":"2018-05-13T21:13:02+0000","reviewer":{"name":"John A Brown","id":"10156472308853594"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Matt did an excellent job reinstalling my OS. Highly recommend his services."},{"created_time":"2018-03-12T16:11:09+0000","reviewer":{"name":"April Young","id":"1972188422809355"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Matt- Did an amazing job on fixing my computer, in a timely matter, and great price. I highly recommend him."},{"created_time":"2018-01-30T10:11:22+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Marcy Moyer Lennox","id":"934074490080411"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Matt was extremely helpful and quick to respond. Completely satisfied!"},{"created_time":"2018-01-30T03:43:40+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Natalie Bradshaw","id":"10155969386838346"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Myriad provided great personal service at a fair cost. Thanks!!"},{"created_time":"2018-01-16T04:00:14+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Rene Rogers","id":"10156115340946460"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Great job setting up new computers for us! Very responsive and helpful."},{"created_time":"2017-12-15T04:01:05+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Melissa Cameron Dall","id":"957551094408465"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Although flexible, friendly and timely with my service call\/needs last week, next week is pretty available for this business and could be the perfect time to get your computer tuned up or finally get your back ups made!"},{"created_time":"2017-11-08T01:29:30+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Grant Bailey","id":"10216423054355772"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Very quick. Reliable and reasonably priced. Will use them again if we have another computer problem."},{"created_time":"2017-09-12T03:09:36+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Laura Elizabeth Adkison","id":"1306470546120594"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Thank you guys for coming out the day I reached out! Great service and price!"},{"created_time":"2017-07-27T18:47:30+0000","reviewer":{"name":"AJ Reynolds","id":"10157171128810968"},"rating":5},{"created_time":"2017-06-06T03:26:45+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Justin-Robin Hodges","id":"10210686610513975"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Thank you for coming out today and looking at my computer ! Very professional , on time , and prices are very reasonable! He took the time out to research things for me and guide me in the right direction. Highly recommend!"},{"created_time":"2017-03-28T04:05:41+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Nikki Lanclos Spanos","id":"10211718485226539"},"rating":5,"review_text":"On time and super efficient. Matt even saw we didn't have our system backed up and got all that set up for us. Definitely my go to for computer issues from now on."},{"created_time":"2017-01-14T15:28:17+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Joe Fisher","id":"10215482728009217"},"rating":5,"review_text":"I had 2 laptops that I was ready to throw away. Keyboard didn't work, they were slow and all types of issues with programs. Matt was able to bring them back to life by replacing the old hard drives with solid state hard drives and rebuilt both operating systems and added Microsoft Windows 10. They are so much faster. He finished one of my laptops in 1 day! Very responsive and reasonable prices."},{"created_time":"2016-07-29T12:36:35+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Monique Koll","id":"10156198305006457"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Quick and thorough, cheaper than I anticipated and Mr. Gallivan even alerted me to the free Windows 10. Definitely above and beyond what I expected. Thank you so much!"},{"created_time":"2016-06-20T23:41:31+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Lori Weber Bober","id":"10215912554111908"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Matt is honest, fairly priced, & responds quickly. He's been able to help me with a few computer issues & has a quick turnaround. I don't hesitate to recommend him."},{"created_time":"2016-02-02T23:10:47+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Theresa Wagaman","id":"10215873612732167"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Matt is great! Easy to work with and quick turn around."},{"created_time":"2015-10-29T02:33:29+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Amy Allen Canaba","id":"10213667030564315"},"rating":5,"review_text":"Very reasonable prices! Incredibly knowledgeable and super fast! I will be a repeat customer for sure!!!"},{"created_time":"2015-10-28T19:59:37+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Kathy Naylor","id":"1983453838361284"},"rating":5},{"created_time":"2015-10-24T20:58:03+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Dirk Van Beest","id":"10156177475799630"},"rating":5,"review_text":"This is the place to be for all your computer issues and needs!!!!!I used him 2 weeks ago and i am extremely happy with this service!!! He came to mu house and picked up my computer and fixed it and brought it back same day. You cannot find a better company!!!!. Trust me!!!!!!!"},{"created_time":"2015-10-24T15:38:34+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Jose Rivas","id":"2034078073541068"},"rating":5},{"created_time":"2015-06-18T16:45:21+0000","reviewer":{"name":"Patrick Geffon","id":"10159880392865368"},"rating":5,"review_text":"All around excellent product and service 🙂 one stop shop for anything you'd want."}],"paging":{"cursors":{"before":"NTQ1OTY4NTkzOjE2MzgxNDEyNjk3NjQ4MjUZD","after":"ODczNzg1MzY3OjE2MzgxNDEyNjk3NjQ4MjUZD"}}},"id":"1638141269764825"}
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